Product and process innovation to remain a market leader in the future

Marvic started in a single shop with a band saw over four decades ago. Today, we’re a three-location operation using state-of-the-art technology and techniques to fabricate and install fine, custom countertops. Today Marvic owns and operates a total of over 45,000 sq. ft. of office and manufacturing facilities where we fabricate these principal materials; granite and other natural stone, natural quartz, and solid surface (Corian®, etc.).

We feature the latest automated fabrication equipment such as:

  • Computerized routing and linear polishing
  • V-grooving
  • Thermoforming
  • Sand-blasting and etching

We use specialized scheduling and tracking systems to streamline our operations to keep jobs flowing smoothly from receipt of raw materials through production to installation. These precision manufacturing methods assure process consistency and quality control so Marvic countertops are ready on-time with the custom fit and premium finish customers demand and the market expects.

Still, putting all of these modern fabrication tools and techniques to use doesn’t substitute for expert handcraftsmanship in shaping, sanding and buffing countertops to perfection. The unrivaled level of experience and talent of Marvic’s craftsmen is reflected in the shimmering radiance and enduring beauty of every countertop we make.

Marvic understands that what happens in a customer’s home or on a job-site, not our shop, is what matters most. That’s why ours are the most-qualified installation specialists in the market.

Marvic’s installers have versatile skills and experience with:

  • Cross-training in all surface materials
  • Carpentry, cabinet making and construction experience
  • Bi- or tri-lingual language abilities
  • 10 or more years with the company

The same passion evident in our products is apparent in the approach we take in creating them, too. Marvic is committed to following responsible manufacturing practices and to offering a selection of products that minimizes our footprint on environmental resources.
A sampling of our eco-friendly standard operating procedures includes:

Using 100% recycled water in the fabrication process Converting scrap into Corian® and Zodiaq® cutting boards, pens, clocks, and other saleable items
Recycling cardboard used for templating Recycling aluminum, glass and plastic waste

Our product offering features a range of “green” materials that promote the concept of sustainability