Exotic Countertops


With the kitchen increasingly considered to be the centerpiece of a home, consumers want custom, premium design elements to create a high end look and feel.  Exotic woods are excellent contrasts to the stainless steel, clear glass and natural stone commonly found in modern kitchens, softening their overall appearance with traditional, timeless appeal.

As a result, the use of exotic wood in countertops has seen resurgence in recent years.  This renewed appeal traces to its:

  • Natural, classic beauty
  • Warmth and personality
  • Unique and limitless design possibilities
  • Sustainability as a natural resource

Today, wood’s presence is extending beyond the traditional butcher block into custom countertops throughout the kitchen – especially islands and eating areas.

Wood can be both contemporary and antique, and may be the only surface material that looks better the older it gets.  It gives kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities a quality, prestigious look that never goes out of style.    

Wood’s design characteristics offer a range of dramatic options:

  • Large islands (up to 16’ long and over 7’ wide) without seams
  • Thicknesses from 1¼” to as much as 7”
  • Unsupported overhangs of 15” to even 30”
  • Carved inside corners to achieve a true furniture look

. . . and striking effects:

  • Grain, colors, and textures showing “movement”
  • Unique corners using grain direction
  • Eye catching combinations of:
    • Color and tone using different wood varieties
    • Distinct shapes with complex edge profiles
    • Contrast and balance using other surface materials

Marvic carries exotic wood countertops from the craftsmen at Craft-Art, the leading name in exotic wood countertops.  All Craft-Art wood is inspected for density and strength – the key to durability and performance – and then hand selected and matched for aesthetics.

Every Craft-Art wood countertop is protected by a Tung-oil based, organic and food-safe finish.  This premium finish makes the countertops waterproof and extremely difficult to stain or burn.  

Marvic’s choice of Craft-Art also results from their commitment to the environment.  Craft-Art:

  • Does not use any wood that is being over harvested or that is on any threatened or endangered species list.
  • Actively supports international forestry conservation efforts to increase the use of sustainable forestry practices.
  • Offers products that satisfy Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) requirements.
    • Teragren Bamboo.
    • A wide selection of reclaimed wood varieties

Click here for more information on Craft-Art exotic wood countertops including product applications, design considerations (including edge profiles), and wood varieties (species).


Marvic Corp. offers single-source, one-stop shopping for many varieties of quarried, or natural stone countertops to meet the needs of discriminating homeowners. These include (but are not limited to):


Soapstone is a siliceous natural stone, consisting mainly of talc and chlorite. As talc in soapstone is soft to the touch, its feel is smooth and silky, warm and inviting. It’s a soft stone, softer than other natural stones, and you wouldn’t want to cut on it. Soapstone is charming, rustic, and rich looking, yet versatile enough to fit comfortably within a modern home.

Despite its relative softness, soapstone’s dense composition makes it practically indestructible. Unlike some other natural stones, it’s nonporousand won’t absorb liquids and stains, and it’s inert, so acids won’t etch it. Soapstone is heat resistant, but also a very efficient heat conductor and radiator. You can burn wood or any variety of fuels in a soapstone fireplace, and the material will absorb and continue to radiate heat long after the fuel has been consumed. Due to these durable features, soapstone has been used in science classrooms and laboratories for work tables and sinks for over one hundred years.

Soapstone is a darker natural stone and comes in shades of grayish to green to blues, and charcoal gray. Random markings include white veining, shades of green, amber or beige in the shape of veins or other formations. A protective coat of mineral oil makes its color even more dramatic. Because of its unparalleled heat retention characteristics, it’s the perfect choice for cook tops, fireplace hearths and fireplace surrounds. It’s also used for countertops, backsplashes, sinks, table tops, and bathroom vanities and shower stalls.


Onyx is a sedimentary rock formed as stalactites and stalagmites in cave interiors. It is quartz crystals fused together into translucent layers of stone. Onyx is also used as a mineral gem.

The translucent beauty of onyx is a real head turner. This natural stone has unique and intricate designs, translucency, and contrasting colors (mainly in white, yellow/ honey, brown, pink and green) that are soft and sensuous, almost fragile looking. A softer stone vulnerable to chemicals and abrasives, onyx is best placed where it won’t see heavy day-to-day use, such as fireplace surrounds and vanity, table and bar tops.


Quartzite is a metamorphic rock formed from sandstone. Through heating and pressure the original quartz sand grains and quartz silica cement are fused into one. Normally quartzite is white or light grey, but it may be found in a variety of other colors including yellow, light brown, blue, green, purple, black, shades of pink or red depending on other minerals that may be present.

Quartzite is one of nature’s most durable stones, of exceptional strength, density, and hardness. Non-porous, heat resistant with a low absorption rate and impervious to stains, quartzite is used for fireplace surrounds and wall cladding, as well as many exterior applications.

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